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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Seal of Approval: Latte Art

Latte art is my opportunity to express how I feel about my profession. While it does take a certain set of standards to achieve latte art, it isn't impossible to serve a quality latte without the art. A great espresso is key, proper milk texturing is also vital. Other than that, the art that goes on top is my way of explaining the possibilities of coffee without saying a word. My own seal of approval for my customers. It is me saying thank you for giving me the opportunity to express quality and value in my product. Thank you for being open-minded and willing to try a new take on your daily routine. Thank you for entrusting your day (as this is usually what can make or break even my best days!) with my hands and tools. It is the most exciting thing to see my customers taking pictures, showing their friends, leaving their lids behind, and wishing they could keep the art and still drink their cup! I hope that latte art can be your gateway to new experiences in this wonderful realm of coffee. There are so many fantastic brewing methods and wonderfully unique coffee origins to try! While latte art may not be the end all be all of quality, it certainly gives me the chance to show my customers a new world to behold.


  1. I have to say that it was such a treat to get a coffee to go that had a beautiful little foam heart in the middle. I am going to have to stop sending coworkers to see you and just come myself so I can meet you and watch the process. But that little bit of latte art really made my morning, such a seemingly small addition that really does make a big difference.


  2. So I read the article about Tuscany coffee in the chronicle and decided to check it out. The latte art made my day.

  3. Love your latte art! Wished I can start my morning with Tuscany Latte Art, too bad you're in Houston and not in Austin!